"Yoga is the intentional resolution of all self-limiting, self defeating thoughts, patterns & tendencies within your personal energy field."

-Bhavani Maki (The Yogi's Roadmap)


Are you looking to change the picture of your health and enhance your overall wellbeing?

If you answered yes, you're in the right place.

By combining a physical & philosophical Yoga practice with the power of mindfully grown, harvested and processed plant powders, you will be set up to experience an improved sense of wellness both physically and energetically.   Whether you’re seeking help with making healthier choices, sports nutrition, managing a dietary or physical condition, developing a healthy relationship with food, weight loss or disease prevention, we will create daily rituals that can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle for real results. The benefits of Yoga and mindfulness continue to be proven and our plant powders are backed by a host of clinical research and are in fact the most thoroughly researched brand name nutritional product in the world.

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